Btec Business Level 3 Unit 16 M4

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A04- RECRUITMENT Job advert Fit for purpose The good points about the job advert are that it looks consistent because it has the same font throughout. The impact this has is that it makes the document more appealing and attracts candidates leading them to applying for them job. If it wasn’t the job advert would not look attractive and not many candidates would apply for the job meaning Topshop can lose out on potential candidates that can help Topshop develop and increase profit. It has the business logo which tells candidates who the business is and it makes the document look professional. The impact this has is that candidates find the document more appealing leading them to reading the advert and if they think they are suitable for the job they will apply for the job. If the job advert did not have the business logo the impact this would have is that candidates would not know who the business this will make the advert less attractive; some candidates might not apply for the job because the business unknown meaning Topshop can lose out on potential candidates. The job adverts graphology is very distinctive, and will be eye-catching to many different job-seekers, meaning that Topshop will have a wider range of people to actually choose from when they have applied. Furthermore, the…show more content…
It meets the laws of the sex discrimination act (1976 and 1985) by not referring to needing a man or woman within the position. Everything mentioned in this advertisement that is required of the new recruit does not favour women or men. For example, by mentioning that an applicant would need at least 5 GCSE’s does not favour either sex. The job description also meets the laws of the race relations act by not specifying the need for a person of any sort of ethnic background. Where qualifications and experience are mentioned, they are related to the job role and do not imply that someone of a certain background would be
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