Western Countries Dominate 20Th Century

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Give some of the most significant reasons why the Western countries were so set to dominate the 20th century. The Western countries being considered Europe, Great Britain, America, Germany, during the time of the second industrial revolution, advanced far beyond what the world had seen in years prior. It seemed to the Western world that all their problems would be solved: such high technological advancement, such as betterment of communications, transportation, production, and material costs, revolutionized the age. Steel was discovered; it’s strength and malleability made it the new iron and machines, engines, ships, railways and weapons prevailed being lighter, smaller, and faster. Electricity, provided by new hydroelectric power stations and coal-fired steam-generating plants (making first head in 1910), was also an enormous factor in the Western societies’ advancement. Cities were lit up, telephones were created, and transportation methods were advancing at lightening speed. Along with all the technological advances impacting efficiency, they effected the prices of goods, now easier to transport and produce, and likewise the governing of markets; cartels began to make face. A world economy was emerging thanks to the growth of marine transport and railways. Consequentially, all of these changes took a toll on the societies expression. Lower classes began to benefit from these advancements because of lower prices and better standards of living. Even elementary education made way. Due to all of these changes, however, population grew rapidly. Living situations had to change: cheap housing was developed, yet as society continued to emanate productivity, a middle class came about. As society evolved, and women gained some rights, children were generally educated, and the amount of jobs flourished, the people were stewing. Some wanted power, some wanted land,
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