Effect of the Wwii on American Culture

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The Effect of World War II on American Culture The Second World War was a time of tremendous change throughout the globe. This was no different in the United States, where cultural effects shaped a generation and contributed significantly to a national identity that still has remnants in American culture today. Among the myriad of changes experienced by Americans during this time was a massive shift in the industrial complex, a dramatic reimagining of the role of women in society, and the development of new racisms and stereotypes within the national discourse. The United States’ initial preparation for defense of a potential Nazi attack and preparation for a future overseas engagement required a massive restructuring of the nation’s industrial aims. Peacetime industry began to give way to wartime endeavors. Factories built parts and shipped them to other factories to assemble into the final products. The country needed ammunition, tanks, aircraft, ships, bombs, protective gear, and many other wartime necessities. American industrialists invested in the development of new technologies that allowed the production in greater quantities and at a quicker pace. These endeavors provided a huge boost to the economy of the United States, advanced industrial technology, and provided more work opportunities for Americans. Most Americans were supportive of these changes and took great pride in the industrial prowess of their country. Another major cultural change brought on as a direct result of the United States’ involvement in World War II was the role of women in society. For years, women had been entering the workforce in growing numbers; however, they remained largely constrained to specific gender roles. World War II changed this in a number of ways. The first catalyst was the aforementioned increase in the country’s industrial needs. This created the need for more
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