To What Extent Did the Policies of Sergei Witte Address the Problems Facing Russia at the End of the Nineteenth Century?’

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Sergei Witte was the Tsars minister for Finance introduced many policies but not all of them were necessarily to address the problems facing Russia at the end of the nineteenth century. There were several problems facing Russia at the end of the nineteenth century such as He introduced polices such as Industrial expansion, urban expansion, and Exploitation of Russia’s natural resources, Improvements in infrastructure and Strengthening Russian Currency. Russia had a problem which, they did not know how to build up its industries and generate more wealth. Witte developed a plan for economic growth being the minister in Finance from 1892 till 1903; he set himself the task of modernising the Russian economy to a level where it could complete with the powers of the western nations. To help bring this about, Witte implemented the following policies to modernise the Russian economy. The government became more active in developing the economy, there was greater emphasis on producing more coal, iron, and steel. A great success for Witte was the expansion of heavy industry in Russia. He linked industrial growth with a stronger national, politically and economically, and was inspired by the more developed nations in the west. He invited foreign experts from more industrialised countries, such as Britain, France and Germany to Russia to advise him on modernisation. He realised that he would have to have policies that would allow individual business people to start factories and encourage metalwork. His policies were successful, because industrial growth increased on average by 8% a year between 1890 and 1899, which was the highest growth rate of any of the world’s major economies. When Witte placed more emphasis on industrialisation, it meant that more jobs were created in towns and cities, this allowed Serfs to come from rural areas in the hope of a better way of life, which
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