We Ll Always Have The Movies Chapter Summaries

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Name of Book: We'll Always Have the Movies: American Cinema during World War II Authors: Robert L. McLaughlin & Sally E. Parry Publisher:The University Press of Kentucky (March 3, 2006) I. Why did you choose this historical area and this book? I have always wondered what life was like for my parents growing up during war times. They were born during World War II, they were just toddlers then. My Dad told me when his parents escaped Hanoi, North Vietnam, to Saigon, South Vietnam; they had nothing on them but the clothes they wore. They have survived many wars after that but hardly ever talked about it. That’s one the reasons why I chose this book, hoping to learn more about history and learn more about what life was like during World War II. I also enjoy watching older movies, black and white, silent movies. They fascinate…show more content…
Their two common interests were to expansion of their territory and neutralization of Soviet Communism. Home-front anxiety:life on the home-front during the war had a big impact on everyone’s lives. People at home were worried about their loved ones and wondering what lives were like while battling against the enemy. Parents were worried about their child, wives their husbands and children their fathers. Things were tensed and depressed. All they think about was death of their loved ones who were at wars. Not only they were mentally drained from worrying, they were also physically exhausted. They still had to go to work and support the war effort, to provide food on the table for the members who were at home. III. Now, pick any historical/cultural situation or condition that impacted you in the book,put yourself there and in it at that time (in that period of time), and explain how you feel, what you would have done. Home-front anxiety:although the men whom were sent to war to fight against the enemy, we, the people who were left behind at home had to play a
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