Sociological Of Imagination

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The Sociological Imagination is a basic concept that can be expanded to many different aspects of life. One cause can lead to an effect of events and send a chain reaction and disturb other issues which will have to be resolve. In the article of Sociological Imagination, it talks about some of the issues that we Americans are struggling in today’s society. For instance war, men and women of our armed forces are fighting for our freedom, dying for our country in honor to protect us from all anxiety. With war comes with a price, the weapons from guns to armory and the bravery of our men and women that have to survive in harsh conditions. Being thousands of miles away, missing loved ones at the dinner table on special occasions, all is a factor of a sociological of imagination. Another topic that caught my eye significantly was the issue on unemployment. Millions of Americans are without jobs and are collecting unemployment money. With the harsh conditions of the society, people without jobs cannot afford to survive. No income can cause a reaction to where it is detrimental to how a family is structured. Wealthy families can afford education for their kids, a roof to live under in, and form of transportation to get around in, last but not least the survival of the fittest. The issue that we will have on going is race. Discrimination will always be a factor in our society. In our history, race has been an on ward fight to have equalized rights. Africans were used as salves that were dominated by the white population. I say it will always be on going because us humans judge a person right when they see them, even if realize it or not. Immediately all you see is there outside appearance, the way how they act. It is all based what you see externally. Charles Wright Mills was born August 28, 1916 in Waco, Texas. He graduated from Dallas Technical High School in 1934.

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