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Compare and Contrast Essay By: Maisha Moon “War” By: Luigi Pirandello “Gentlemen, Your Verdict” By: Michael Bruce “War” By: Luigi Pirandello is all about an old man trying to explain to people how just because our men are going off to war it doesn’t mean that we should grieve them, he says we should celebrate that they are doing something for their Country’s and for themselves. “Gentlemen your verdict” By: Michael Bruce is a story about a man who is faced with a difficult decision. It seems that the two short stories couldn’t be any different; however they do have some similarities. The two stories in my mind could connect to each other, and both stories have a kind of “epiphany” moment where the protagonist has to come to terms with something difficult. Although I could only come up with a few similarities the list of differences are way larger. The setting being one of the biggest you must also consider the difference in the characters. With a little research I also realized how different the two authors are in their young lives and in their writing. Michael Bruce was a gunner in the Canadian Army during the second world war, he said that he came up with the idea for “War” in the barracks when an argument started about if it was all right to kill some men if saving the lives of others. It seems like an odd conversation but the men were using whatever they could to get their minds off of the war. “Gentlemen your Verdict” is about a commander in a war who gets placed himself in a tricky situation he has to choose between morals and saving lives. “War” reminds me of while the war was happening, the families are morning their loses and “G.Y.V” is more after the war since it’s a flashback. I compared these because for me they are connected into one story. The two stories were written at different times “War” was based in 1914 but wasn’t published until
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