All Quiet On The Western Front Character Analysis

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In All Quiet on the Western Front the protagonist is Paul Baumer because we experience the story from his point of view and thus we sympathize with him. Paul’s situation is troubling because his life and the lives of other soldiers his age “have become a wasteland” (20). War has changed them and the world so much that they don’t really know what they are going to do once the war finishes. They don’t know any trades; all they know is war. The value of their lives was also changed by war. Their identities were lost. As a fellow soldier lies dying, the men around him are forced to care more about obtaining his good boots he won’t need than morn his lost life. In war time orderlies and doctors don’t have time to learn the dying men’s names, but are impatient for the bed that will open up after a death. Paul and the other young men eagerly signed up thinking war would be glorious “only to find [they] were to be trained for heroism as though [they] were circus ponies” (22). The young men are like circus ponies because they are told they can’t question anything. Trained to be that way, just like circus ponies, war destroys people. Personalities that have been built over their…show more content…
He talks about how it is so wonderful and how much he loves it. He talked about the greenness of the grass and the trees and how he loves the sound of the wind rustling against it. But in the middle of the book, he describes the brownness of the grass, and the ground looking like it has been dug up. Which is true, but it wasn’t just the people who did it. The people were doing this because the war had come and they were running and trying to protect themselves from death and that’s how the earth was damaged. I feel that maybe, when he talks about the earth, that he might also be talking about the emotions and personalities that the people had before the war and how they were changed by the

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