Was the French Revolution Popular or Elite?

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Was the French Revolution popular or elite? The French Revolution is one of the major events of the end of the 18th century. Emerging due to the difficulties encountered by the monarchy and the contestations of absolutism, the revolution marked a total rupture with the Ancien Régime. France modernised as a new political and social realm issued : The French people acquired citizenship and became implicated in the poltical life of a sovereign unified nation. 1789 France was an absolute monarchy. The King detained all powers and society was divided in three unequal orders : the nobility, the clergy and the third estate. These orders were not equal before the law but were also not homogenous classes. The nobility comprised two disctinct groups. The Nobles of Sword were the most ancient nobles in France and were often financially ruined. This nobility had earned its title and rank thanks to their ancesters ‘s military services to the King. Though these families were frequently poor, they were maintained by the monarchy, as they were provided with priviledges and led costly lifestyles in court at the expenses of the King (1) . The nobles of Robe earned their titles through the occupation of governmental functions principally in justice or finance, such as lawyers, attorneys, magistrates and bailliffs. Enriched famillies were also able to buy titles of nobility and therefore make their way into nobility without having participated to the welfare of the Kingdom : « In the fifteen years before 1789 almost 2,500 famillies bought their way into nobility » (2) . The clergy was divided as well between a high clergy that was significantly wealthy and a multitude of country priests who often lived in conditions close to misery. Ultimately, the third estate was also cleavaged. The proletarian classes such as peasants, workers and laborers and the
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