Was Oliver Cromwell A Hero Or A Villain

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In this article we will be assessing whether Oliver Cromwell was a hero or a villain. In my opinion I think Oliver Cromwell was a villain. For an example he made sure that King Charles didn’t have enough votes in order not to go to trial, as he realised once King Charles was on trial, he would definitely be executed. My first point to prove Cromwell was a villain is when he closed parliament. The Independents had a strong following in the parliamentary army and had the support of Oliver Cromwell. Afraid of their power, Presbyterian members of the House of Commons tried to disband the army. The soldiers were furious, especially as Parliament made no effort to pay them the wages that were due to them. Oliver and the army decided to take action.…show more content…
Cromwell was now imposed military rule. England was divided into eleven districts. Each district was run by a Major General. The responsibilities of these Major-Generals included maintaining order, collecting taxes, granting poor relief and imposing Puritan morality. In some districts bear-baiting, cock-fighting, horse-racing and wrestling were banned. Betting and gambling were also forbidden. Large numbers of ale-houses were closed and fines were imposed on people caught swearing. In some districts, the Major-Generals even closed down theatres. We have a statement from one of the Major Generals “It is much more civilised in this district no more inadequate behaviour.” My final point proving Cromwell to be a villain is when Cromwell used his army when he wanted to take power that he couldn’t get lawfully. One thing Cromwell could do is take advantage of what he had got, this was the army. For an example he disagreed with parliament twice so on both occasions he marched in to Parliament with his army behind ordering parliament to be shut down. This shows he would use his advantages to get what he wants without caring about the civilians who look up to him and think he is a
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