the shortcomings of the first national government under the Article of Confederation

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What were the shortcomings of the first national government under the Article of Confederation? Describe the limitations on the powers of the congress, especially as they applied in the case of “Shays’s Rebellion”. The principles which are defined in the Article of Confederation were recognized as the Second Continental Congress’s first attempt at forming a central government in 1777. In the middle of a struggle against England’s distance and apparently too-powerful central government simply hope to create a system of government that would reproduce civilians’ ideas considering the British government system of rules and regulations. The main concept for the Article of Confederation came from the England because at that time British excessive pride was strong and powerful colonies and the same concept came for the central government system. Therefore their disappointment helps to implement a young government with strong centralized power. Congress believes this would make the new revolution among the Hobbesan government. Even though the fear of oppression was in their minds, most of the Congress members, inspired by the fact of the British inefficient and worthless government system. Congress men always think twice about the fact of losses of their States and their Civilians. Therefore the Congress now desired to build up upon nothing that would invent their opponent. The main concept behind all of these was nothing but to create a strong centralized government which is having more decentralized in authority and power. Congress felt establishing a weak national government will win the approval that time simply because it didn’t threaten or didn’t change the basic concepts of the exciting British laws among the States. Somehow they knew the limitation on the powers of Congress will be became more obvious once they change the method. This entire process
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