His Maesy's Indian Allies

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Robert S. Allen’s thesis in “His Majesty’s Indian Allies: Native Peoples, the British Crown and the War of 1812,” is “British Indian policy from 1774 to 1815 was thus geared to ensure the preservation and defense of Canada through the military use and assistance of ‘His Majesty’s Indian Allies.’” (269) Another way he might consider wording it is “British Indian Policy from 1774 used the military use and assistance of ‘His Majesty’s Indian Allies’ to ensure the preservation and defense of Canada.” It appears that he is saying that the Indians were just being used for their military expertise and whenever they did not need them for battle, they did not give them as much help and more or less ignored them. When the British realized that they would probably be going to war against the Americans, they started giving the Indians supplies so that they would be happier and more prepared to fight. When Robert S. Allen demonstrates his thesis he does not ask any questions, he more or less just gives us facts about what happen. His evidence does not suggest any other theses. All of his evidence really points to the Indians being good warriors but not getting the appreciation they deserve after the war is over. He does not give much evidence that is against his thesis, everything seems to point back to his thesis. He is very opinionated with the support that he gives for his thesis. Robert S. Allen really uses his evidence very well to support his thesis. He is always giving more evidence stating that the Indians were not being taken care of unless the British needed them for war. His evidence all points back to his thesis, saying that the Indians fought really well and so the British would always try to make them happy when they knew they might be going to war soon. He really only has one primary source that he uses throughout the essay, and that is previous writings by
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