Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness

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Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness NUR/440 Health Assessment and Promotion for Vulnerable Populations Cognitive bias is a judgment error, memory, or a socially taught notion about a specific interaction (Bias, 2010). In this paper, I will be discussing biases, stereotypes, and attitudes toward the African American population. My basis for these biases is personal preconceived biases taught and learned as I grew up from friends and family. According to Wikipedia free dictionary, “A cognitive bias is the human tendency to make systematic errors in certain circumstances based on cognitive factors rather than evidence” (Bias, 2010). Stereotypes are when people have the same conclusion based on false thoughts rather than truth because of a previous interaction. The stereotype is then related to all people within that population. Personal Awareness 0f Bias As a child I had restrictions placed, by my parents, on areas I would be allowed to visit, boys I could date, friends to hang out with, and language I was allowed to speak. As an adult, I realize that these restrictions were placed based on my parent’s biases, stereotypes, fears, and attitudes toward the African American population. My father was raised in inner city Philadelphia and was witness and a participant to racial interactions. My mother grew up in the suburbs and had no contact with African Americans until she went to work. My home education was filled with ignorance and fears on a population my family knew nothing about. African Americans were not a population I choose or was aloud to interact with while growing up. They were referred to as porch monkeys, jiggaboo, coons, blacks, Negro, or jungle bunnies. These terms were always stated in a low voice so as not to be heard. Teaching that they were inappropriate terms but when stated low acceptable. Interpretation is everything. I interpreted
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