African Americans Facing Both Poverty And Discrimination Essay

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Unit 3 Project: African American’s Facing Both Poverty & Discrimination Shannon Smith Kaplan University HN200-04 Professor Harvey February 18, 2012 African American’s Facing Both Poverty & Discrimination The group of the population that faces strong discrimination that I selected is African Americans. I have watched African Americans be discriminated on since the time I was a child. I grew up in a primarily “White-American” small city. The population of my high-school was around 1400 and out of the 1400 there were only about 30 – 50 African American’s. They were often shunned upon in school, typically sat at a lunch table with their own race and were often left out of social activities. After reading our texts, I found that the media could lead to part of the reason why students shunned against African Americans. Sullivan (2009) stated about the media that:…show more content…
White criminals are much less frequently shown in such poses. Furthermore, whites are disproportionately portrayed as the victims of black criminals. The overall impression presented in these television shows is that the crime problem is due to blacks and that whites are the victims. With this being stated, many adolescents have grown up watching and listening to media. I do believe that the media can be held partially liable for the discrimination against African-Americans in the school system. Since I have witness much discrimination against the African-Americans, I wanted to understand their perspective and why there was so much animosity. In the African American population the amount of discrimination that takes place can steer them into poverty. Olzak, (1992) stated
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