Voting Age Persuasive Essay

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Teenagers shouldn’t vote Some people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. The teenagers are one of them. In some countries haven lowered their voting age to 16 or 17 years old. In fact, of the 218 million eligible voters in the U.S., 25 million are teenagers. There are a couple of reasons that teens shouldn’t de allowed to vote. Firstly they don’t have the knowledge of politics. Teenagers are getting all the information of politics in high school, and they aren’t prepare to make a big decision like that in wear all the country can be affected. In this age the people are interested in parties and been good with the friend. Their judgment is very poor and they only see a part of the politics and then they vote, whitout thinking about the reasons and fact of this. Secondly people under 18 year’s haven’t a clear mind to vote for the next leader in our country. A recent Harvard study revealed that the frontal lobe — the part of the brain that controls reasoning and judgment — remains largely undeveloped until well into a person’s twenties. With this study we can determinate that the majority of the people under 20 cant reason or judge like the people of 21 an over. Also other people think that only because teens have sex, they have the judgment and knowledge to vote for the person that is going to be the leader of the country. And third, the voting age should be raised to 21 because teenagers can be manipulated. In the family the parent want that the son vote for the same person that the vote. And they manipulate him to get wat they want This is not what the country need. The age of voting should be raised to 21 and any of this thing wool happen. All this reason are real and every one should see it and approved of the good of the country and the teenagers. Untiled they don’t have a clear mind and a great judgment the shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Some people shouldn’t
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