Kids And Voting

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Many people say that kids should not be allowed to vote. That's all they say. They don't give a reason why kids can't vote, they just say that they can't. In the rare cases that they do give a reason, the reasons aren't valid. So instead of asking why kids should be allowed to vote, shouldn't we be asking why kids shouldn't be allowed to vote? One possible reason why kids cannot vote is because they don't know much about politics. Most kids don't realize it, but they know a lot about politics. In fact, they might know more about politics than adults because kids get a hands-on experience with politics every day. Every day kids are struggling to become popular in school by winning people over. In politics, you have to become popular and win people over if you want to get their vote. Do you see a similarity here? Another possible reason why kids cannot vote is because they don't see the world the way adults do. I won't deny that. It is completely true that kids have a totally different perspective on life than adults. Isn't that a good thing, though? Every kid has a different, unique perspective on everything in life, including politics. They will lose this perspective once they become adults. So why not let kids vote now while they still have this unique hold on life? Besides, isn't that what people running for office want? A variety of unique voters? Maybe kids cannot vote because they aren't smart enough. That's what a few people think, but that's not a valid reason, simply because many adults aren't smart enough to handle the responsibility of voting. Yet, they are allowed to vote. Is it really fair to let dumb adults vote and prevent the smart kids from voting? For every reason that someone tries to give for kids not being able to vote, there will always be a reason why kids should be able to vote to balance it out. There are no valid reasons for why
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