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Works Cited May 2013. 21 May 2013. <http://draculazone.com/legend/41-dracul-the-father.html>. Dracula Zone. n.d. 20 May 2013. Eskimo.com. n.d. 20 May 2013. Kaplan, Arie. "Dracula: the life of Vlad the Impaler." Kaplan, Arie. Dracula: the life of Vlad the Impaler. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 2012. 145-160, 220-235. Pallardy, Richard. Encyclopedia Britanica. n.d. 20 May 2013. youtube. n.d. 19 May 2013. Dracula Vlad III was the ruler of Wallachia from (DATES), whose relationship with his father led to his late brutal exploits, and thus explains why he was given the names used today. I. Introduction II. Origin A. Chasity will explain the Origin of the name 1. Where he was born and when 2. Secondly, where he lived, ruled and how he handled intrapersonal relationships. B. In addition to, Ashdon will clarify the odd relationship with his father which led to late brutal exploits 1. Dracul leaves Dracula (and Radu) as hostages in Murad II’s palace. (1442-1448) which became the start of Dracula’s changes in personality and nature. 2. Importantly, Vlad III’s exile in 1448 and where it will be explained in detail as to how…show more content…
The events of Dracula’s life were played out in a region of the world that was still basically medieval, and superstitions of the Dark Ages were common. The general consensus among historians now is that Vlad adopted it from the Order of the Dragon, which he belong to starting at a young age. In spite of, the widespread view in Romania that the vampire connection has been deliberately emphasized in the west to undermine a figure that, for many Romanians, is something of a national hero and not the atrocious monster most made him out to

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