Vlad The Impaler

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Vlad Dracula Vlad Dracula was born in Sighisoara, Romania in about November or December of 1431, thought this year has never been confirmed. His birth name was Vlad Tepes, and was the second of three sons. His father, also Vlad was appointed vovoide which was the military governor of Transylvania by the time of Vlad’s birth (McNally 25). Vlad Dracula is most famous for his cruel and gruesome tactics of torture and execution which is how he earned the name ‘Vlad the Impaler’. Vlad got the name Dracula from his father, the name Dracula means ‘son of the dragon’. Around age eleven Vlad and his brother were taken hostage by Sultan Murad II to insure peace between Romanian boyars and the Turks. During his years of captivity Vlad and his brother…show more content…
This was never a name that he used himself, but one that he earned by his brutal killing tactics. He was seeking revenge against the boyars that tortured and killed his brother. To do this he invited the families of everyone who was involved to and Easter Feast, once they are all inside he had his troops surround them all and had them march. He then made them march fifty miles to the future site of his new fortress, the survivors of this march were then forced to build his castle in Poenari, and survivors of this were then impaled by Vlad. Although his measures were very harsh he was seeing results, he had impaled between 30,000 and 100,000 people. These tactics helped make Wallachia a strong and independent state. The tactics also helped the state develop commerce, helped reduce lawlessness, and also strengthened his army; all of this came at high price of great pain and the loss of human life. One legend has it that he once dined among a forest of defeated enemies who were rotting, impaled on poles and that he would dip hid bread in the blood of his victims, these legends would strike terror into everyone who heard them which helped make Vlad a ruler that many didn’t want to encounter (Florseu 50). In 1459, when diplomats came to visit, they declined removing their hats due to religious reasons. Vlad then commended them on the devotion to their religion and to ensure they would never take of their hats again he had the hats nailed to the diplomats skulls. During one of his successful military campaigns against the Ottomans Vlad

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