Visual Rhetoric Images

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Visual Rhetoric Images There are multiple forms of rhetoric images that are found in the internet, magazines, posters, political cartoons, etc. These rhetoric images can depict something good, or bad, but in order to get full understanding of the image, you must know how to analyze rhetoric images. The image that I chose to analyze is a political cartoon of Barack Obama, taking the oath, and changing the words around, and his wife Michele Obama, off to the side, reading a newspaper with some very interesting topics. This political cartoon was created by Glenn McCoy, and uploaded to, by Sean Sayler, on Wednesday January 21, 2009. A lot is shown in this image. It’s obvious that the image is showing “Obama”, and his wife “Michele Obama”, but if you really analyze the picture, then you’ll see that Obama is taking the oath, but also showing that his words were changed around because he did endure in a slight case of stage fright as he messed his words up during his inauguration. As you look at Michele Obama, you’ll notice that she is reading a newspaper that says “Recession”, and “Middle East Fighting”, with a concerned facial expression. Every visual rhetoric image has an intended audience, and purpose. These images are created to attract a specific audience whether it is athletes, politicians, chefs, etc. And the purpose is to generate a bunch of opinions. By analyzing this image, I understood that the intended audiences are politicians, and anyone that is interested in what is going on with our government, and other problems that are going on in the world. The purpose of this image is to show the amount of pressure that Obama will face, as he becomes to the new president. And the series of problems that America will face. To identify Ethos, we must understand that we’ll never know a real person through the assumptions we make,
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