1. Why Did Political Parties And Special Interest Groups Form?

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05.11: Module Five Milestone 1. Why did political parties and special interest groups’ form? What roles do they play in shaping public policy? - Interest groups manipulate the public policy by lobbying by their own special interest that think have thought about. The main way they have an effect on public policy, they supply evidence to the legislators/ the political parties. 2. How do you think the media influences the decisions of citizens and government officials? - I think the media influences affect is by the agenda setting for them. Meaning that this connects to the quantity and the kind of news coverage on the main topic of issues being presented. Then there is framing, by how they create/structure the media with a story. Framing determines the type of reaction from the government officials and the citizens. Not only that, I think also for the entertainment. This is by constructing political approaches. 3. How do you think the media influences people's views on political ideas and events? How do you think the impact of the media has changed over time with the invention of television and the Internet?…show more content…
I think it’s based on their political views. Like for example msn has a liberal view while fox has a conservative view. They might show things differently to the media based on what they believe in. I think it has impacted, from the time you saw a president being on the television for the first time, giving speeches it shows, showing that type of person they are by how they represent themselves. Then leading to the internet, it has granted assess too many places, no matter where you are, being able to look at multiple resources like you would in a
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