Pros And Cons Of The Presidential Debate

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Shawn Howell Professor Leyva October 09, 2012 Writing Journal #3 The Presidential Debate On October 03, 2012 the presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney began with moderator Jim Lehrer. I watched the debate wondering, what will the candidates state in their plans to recuperate the United States of America? How will they perform? Will their speeches and performances be convincing to the people of America. In performance, I witnessed both candidates being respectful to one another yet Mitt Romney presented a stronger opposition and was aggressive at times. There was quite a bit of pivoting throughout the debate more on Mitt Romney behalf, President Obama was guilty as well. They both showed lack of credibility and consistencies, stating statistics as a response to questions instead of the facts.…show more content…
I liked how they were able to come to an agreement on the need to boost American energy production and the energy, as Obama stated, “On energy, Governor Romney and I, we both agree that we've got to boost American energy production, and oil and natural gas production are higher than they've been in years. But I also believe that we've got to look at the energy sources of the future, like wind and solar and biofuels, and make those investments”. The both of them over talked the moderator, which was disrespectful and rude. At the conclusion of one of the interruptions Mitt Romney states to Jim Lehrer, “It’s fun isn’t it” like it was a
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