Victor Relationship With His Father

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Enc 1102 Mrs. Willman Smoke Signals Essay Father Against Son The movie “Smoke Signals” was a great movie that showed lots of Diversity and stereotyping. The main characters had many conflicts between themselves and others. One character in particular Victor had many conflicts to overcome. He was trying to endure his father’s alcoholism, abandonment from his father, and jealousy. Victor was a small boy who watched his father, as he grew up, drink bottle after bottle of alcohol. Victor would be upset because he felt like his father didn’t pay him any attention. Victor felt like his father put more attention into the bottle than then him being his son. The scene in the movie where they are having a get together and they are all outside drinking and victor walks outside in disgust. Victor was looking at his father drinking alcohol and making a fool of himself, not knowing what to say or do. Victor Just lashed out showing all his anger by throwing unopened beer bottles at the house. Victor was showing that he was feed up with everything between his father and mother. He’s father did not see the anger in Victor. He was so messed up and confused with drinking and the problems he had of his own. Victor Soon learned how to hold…show more content…
Victor was jealous of his friend Thomas. Victor felt that Thomas remembered more good things about his father than he could remember. Victor thought that his father was there more for Thomas than him. Victor expresses his feelings while riding on the bus and several other times. He says, “Thomas what do you know about my father;” although Thomas gives him story after story about how he remembers Victors dad and how he such a good man. Thomas did not want to hear it cause he was feeling that his father might have been more of a father figure to Thomas than to him. Victor later learns different about his father and tries to forgive him and realizes he was trying to be a

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