The Toughest Indian In The World Analysis

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In the short story “the toughest Indian in the world” by Sherman Alexei, Roman Gabriel fury seems that he has been through a lot, from losing his mother and father, being poor and being discriminated against cause of his ethnicity. But that doesn’t seem to get in his way to getting a better future, he did what he had to do to be able to take his little test and get a better education, and he did it all with pride and power. As a Native American roman seems to get a lot of unwanted attention in all the wrong ways. Mr. Williams seems to be more interested in the fact that roman is a Native American and his test taking skills rather than focusing on the fact that he got an almost perfect score on the little test even when…show more content…
It was after Victor’s father left the reservation when Victor began to drink and become violent towards Thomas. Victor tried to avoid Thomas and his stories of his visions and traditions. He was almost embarrassed of his constant storytelling. Victor had even made it a point to tell Thomas that he “thinks about things too much”, meaning that he related everything to the Indian way of life and how things effected it. Throughout the years, even though Victor was just plain mean to Thomas, he always still seemed to be there to help Victor. One day Victor had gotten his foot stuck in a wasp’s nest. Without any hesitation, Thomas risked himself to help Victor. He pulled his foot out of the hole and told him to run. They both ran as fast as they could. When they were 15, Victor got drunk and proceeded to beat Thomas up for no apparent reason and instead of Thomas getting mad an hitting him back, he didn’t he just went home like nothing had ever happened. Victor is a young Indian man who was reckless, has no real connection with his family members, except for his Mother. Since his father left him and the reservation when he was young, Victor has gotten rebellious and hostile at times. He drinks and does not feel any real connection to the Native American Indian ways of life. Thomas, on the other hand, is a storyteller. He receives visions from the spirits on the wind, the birds and through the

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