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Taylor Abercrombie Abercrombie 1 Lyons, MWF 9:00 19 Feburary 2014 Gatlinburg Tennessee Every year my family and I take a vacation to Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg is located in the Northeastern portion of Tennesse. It is surrounded by Pigeon Forge and Sierville. There are many things to do in these beautiful cities such as, dining and entertainment, amusement parks, and scienic views and hiking trails for those who enjoy the outdoors. However you decide to spend your time wheather its in town, outdoors or bundled up in your cabin your guarenteed to have a blast. Its the perfect place to vacation. It's Only 7 or 8 hours away from my home…show more content…
You can also see lots of turkeys if you look closely in the big open fields. As you keep driving you will come across lots of old homesteads. These were homes to numerous settlers before it came apart of the National Park. Cades Cove was once known as "Kates Cove" after an Indian cheifs wife. You will also get to explore through old barns, businesses, and churches. The Cherokee and Eurpeon frontiersman made Cades Cove their own little community. They used these fields for growing wheat, corn, and cattle. To me this is the most interesting historical place in Gattlinburg. Gatlinburg also offers lots of hiking trails for people who love the outdoors. There are over 800 miles of trails throughout Gatlinburg and the Pigeon Forge area of the Smokey Mountain National Park. Laurel Falls hiking trail is 2.6 miles round trip. This is a very easy trail to hike.At the end of this trail there is a 60 foot high waterfall called "Laurel Falls". Its the most popular hike in the National park. It has a paved trail through a series of cascades which makes it easier for the use of strollers and wheel chairs so everyone can enjoy

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