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Taunton 1 Kaleb Taunton Professor Ward Fye October 18, 2012 Mississippi Culture Mississippian life made some of the most complex societies that ever existed (king). The Mississippian culture was based around society, art and their settlements. Mississippians had a very different way of life style as in they built mounds for homes. They where advanced for their time. In Mississippian society they grew a lot of plants. They grew plants such as corn, beans, quash, sunflowers, goosefoot, sumpweed. They also hunted and gathered food as in berries, and nuts, and they also would hunt for fun and make a game out of it. They spent almost all their time doing stuff out doors. They would build fences around their land and build mounds for their…show more content…
They made all kinds of art out of different things too such as stone, marine shell, pottery, and native copper (King). They would make elaborate pieces of artwork out of marine shell believing it told the story of their lives. They would use techniques such as flaking, carving, and grinding stone materials (King). They would create large blades, elaborate eccentrics, pipes, and effigy celts (King). They would also use copper to make small ornaments. Art was a main part of their life and showed their culture. Farmers would live close to water so when it flooded in would replace all the nutrients in the soil and replace the soil as well. Their societies where small and their towns where small as well consisting of 100 people or less. Their town was based around a plaza which was used for gathering and religious events. They also had structures to help protect the village like pole walls and ditches. Mississippian culture was very unique and is a little mystery. Art influenced their culture very heavily. They where built on a structured society and had higher powers to guide them. If I have the chance I would choose to live in that time period with them because it is so

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