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Introduction The purpose of writing this report is to answer the four questions, based on the case study about a family weekend at Center Parcs. All the questions are based on the theoretical framework of hospitality and tourism operating systems. All the answers are predominantly based on the lecture materials. . According to the service concept, the target market for Center Parcs company are families, who are willing to escape from the pressures of modern life by spending few days in the circle of their nearest and dearest and enjoying the wild nature in the jigsaw of our modern lives ( Johnson ). So the list of possible activities ( can be seen in the flow chart ) is maid to satisfy the needs of this target market segment. The Center Parcs also give an opportunity for business people to participate in different events, to use the villages as venues for business meetings, for team building activities etc., but the key service concept of the company is providing families with a high quality service through a clear service delivery system. However, though Central Parcs have a clear service concept and operating strategy, still there are some areas that might be especially problematic for customers. In this chapter 2 such areas are discussed and some solutions for improvement are suggested. The first problem occurs at the very beginning of the customer’s holiday experience. Unfortunately, the first thing he sees when is coming to Central Parcs is a queue on the entrance, which makes the consumer spend extra time in his car waiting for checking-in. From the company’s website it is clear, that the checking-in process starts from 10 a.m.( 10.30 a.m. at Whinfell Forest ), but the guests can not get to their villas until 3 p.m.( 3.30 p.m. at Whinfell Forest ) So if the customer comes to Central Parcs at 10 a.m., he will have to wait for at least 5 hours just

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