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Urbanization Problem In China Essay

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Urbanization problem in China
    With a more than 1.3 million population, urbanization is quite an intractable problem in China. As the government strives to accelerate the urbanization process, several crises have emerged. Even though urbanization is the natural process when it comes to modern economic growth, the sign of “overheating” is precarious for social stability. Blind city expansion and influx of people migrating from country to city has exacerbated the crisis. Lowering the threshold of moving to city is not an appropriate way of urbanization if the government does not scrutinize the hidden problems in the urbanization process.
    Even though the economic grows exponentially in China in recent decades, the urbanization process still lags behind. This has partly due to the devastating damage in economy and stability in Anti-Japanese War, and partly due to some mistakes the newly-founded government has made in the first few decades. China’s economy has back on track since the adoption of opening-door policy purported by Xiaoping Deng, but unfortunately, he died in 1997 at the age of 92 and left the rest of the problem to his successor. When we see the fast growing GDP in China, we are amazed by its miraculous development, but when we look more deeply, some problems do exist.
    First, employment problem is pushed forward by the influx of people from countryside to cities. Millions of young people are flocking into cities to pursue higher standard of living which intensifies the shortage of employment. The people living in the lower level of society in cities have little skills to compete in society, and the people coming from countryside are willing to work at a relatively low salary which made countless lower level workers in the cities jobless. I am not saying that people from rural areas took our jobs and should go back to where they belong, what I am trying to address is that urbanization does not simply mean the increase in the population of...

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