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Module 2 Study Guide 2.01Industrialization Changes America 02.01 Regions Chart and Written Response The Second Industrial Revolution affected the regions of the United States differently. Use this chart to compare the effects of the revolution on the North, South, West, and Midwest. In the chart, you will identify the political, social, economic, population, and transportation changes that the revolution brought to each region. Part 1 – Complete the following chart using information from the lesson. Regions Chart | Category | North | South | West | Midwest | Political | Labor unions were formed | For the African Americans were hard to enjoy the railroad transportation because of the laws. | They faced problems, including riots and discriminatory laws. | Less problem with the government. | Social | There was a separation between the rich and the poor | Many African Americans left the South to work in new factories in the North and Midwest. | Immigrants from China arrived in the West looking for jobs on the expanding railroads. | The gap between rich and poor was a source of friction. | Economic or Type of Economy | This rapid growth of a manufacturing economy created a need for workers. | The South began developing its timber industry. Coal and iron deposits in the southern | The sparse population of the West did not support much industrial growth, and the economy continued to be based on natural resources. | Economic growth in both farming and manufacturing. | Population Change | There was a high population.By 1870 about 15 percent of the U.S. population was foreign born. | Many Africans Americans left to work in the North and Midwest because of the problems with race. |

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