Urbanization In America During 19Th Century

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Urbanization in America During the 19th century it was a very stressful times for Americans the civil war had just ended the economy was real low and disease was an epidemic especially for the poor. It was also a time where there was a huge gap between the rich and the poor. But the most significant event of the 19th century was the Urbanization of America. The Urbanization of America still has some affects on us today such as economy, political views, and immigration. The way in which urbanization affects America today could be defined by many factors. American society of the 19th century as a whole was nothing like it is today; they were far from fortunate to have what we have. We live in a society today where state and federal laws, which force our working environments to be very strict, protect us all. The economy was strictly based off of farming until the urbanization begin and that’s when the economy started to boom and up until the middle of the 19th century, the city wasn’t the most desired place to live. Merchants, lawyers, and manufacturers began to build townhomes on the main streets within walking distance of the docks, warehouses, offices, courts, and shops where they worked and earned their income. Markets, shops, taverns, and concert halls provided services and entertainment. The middle classes lived a little farther from the city, and other poor people lived in the suburbs. Cities were densely populated, streets were narrow just wide enough for pedestrians and wagons. The less fortunate people or the poor people lived in back alleys and courtyards of the city unbelievable amount of hours just to support their families. Not everyone had to work like this, only the unfortunate people who were not born into his or her richness. These living and working conditions really divided the rich and the poor which started political parties to form.
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