Unwed Young Black Mothers Summary

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Received 07/22/12 Revised 11/25/12 Accepted 04/08/13 DOI: 10.1002/J.2161-0029.2013.00018.X Career Intervention Considerations for Unwed Young Black Mothers in the United States Diandxa J. Prescod and Andrew P. Daire Teen pregnancy among unwed young Black mothers is still an issue ofconcern in the United States. Black teen mothersface educational, economic, and career/ vocational challenges. This article discusses integrating Gottfredson's (1981) career theory and the Outlinefor Cultural Formulation (American Psychiatric Association, 1994) in career development counselingwithyoung Black mothers. Keywords: teen pregnancy, Gottfredson's career dieory, Oudine for GuJtural Formulation, career development Teen pregnancy continues to be a…show more content…
Cultural dynamics in the therapeutic relationship 5. Overall cultural assessment for diagnosis Thisfirstcomponent, self and ctiltural identity: being a young Black mother, involves the change in identity that occurs when a young Black mother gives birth. Not only is she female and Black, but she is now also a mother. She becomes a member of another group: teen mothers. With this aspect being such a large part of her life, she has no choice but to identify with being a young Black mother. The larger picture shows that she now becomes a young mother who is a minority. Gottfredson's (1981) concept of self-in-situation involves a person realizing where he or she is in his or her life, and for the young teen this translates to being a young Black mother. Being part of a new population—young Black mothers—incorporates self-in-situation. There are more teen mothers among minority groups, so when this occurs, they become part of the statistical research of teen motherhood (Ventura & Hamilton, 2011). The second and third components, self and cultural concept of career problems and self in cultural context, involve examining challenges faced by teen mothers to move on to higher education and the economic struggles they encounter. Self-concept, as described in Gottfredson's (1981) theory, is a significant part of the second component (Zunker, 2008). Self-concept of the young Black mother is formed considering her circumstance: raising a child, facing educational difficulties, and facing economic difficulties (Gyamfi et al., 2008; Key et al., 2008; Rothenberg & Weissman, 2002). Recognizing the self-concept of the young Black mother leads to a better understanding of the cultural concept of career problems and the self in a cultural context. The fourth and fifth components, cultural dynamics in the therapeutic relationship and overall cultural assessment for diagnosis, do not require a different translation but rather are guidelines to keep in mind when working with young
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