Deveoplment: Observation/Interview

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Adolescent girls between the ages of 11 and 14 years go through a lot of physical, cognitive and social/ emotional developments in such a short amount of time due to the onset of puberty. Although physical and cognitive developments do contribute valuable importance, positive social/ emotional developments plays a huge rule in balancing the other two, since being accepted by peers is important to adolescents. Those years play a significant role in positive development. I have decided to observe my 13 year old sister, Elizabeth, who is experiencing developmental life changes in early adolescence. Since she is at the age when puberty is just starting to begin, I found observing Elizabeth would be most beneficial for me in understanding the developmental changes. Most adolescent girls start their physical transition to adulthood around the age of 10 (Berk,2010.p363). Physical changes can include hormonal changes, growth spurts and muscle-fat makeup (Berk,2010.p363). Hormonal changes in girls are caused by the change in estrogen level, which causes the breast, uterus and vagina to mature (Berk,2010 p.363). After interacting with my sister, I noticed changes in her height, weight, and physical appearance. Since last summer she has grown 5 inches and is taller than most of her male friends, which is common since most boys go through puberty later than girls. Body hair is another physical sign for adolescent going through developmental changes, my sister has noticed that has started to grow underarm hair, which is common in early puberty. I’ve also noticed she is starting to care more about her appearance such as body weight. “According to Piaget, around the age of 11 young people enter the formal operational stage, in which they develop the capacity for abstract, systematic, scientific thinking.”(Berk,2010. p383). Many young children do not understand the concept

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