Domestic Violence Psychoeducational Group

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Giselle A. Suazo Assignment: Group Proposal Psychoeducational Group Rationale: My group will be a counseling group for women who are victims of domestic violence and are still affected by the trauma it has caused in their life and the lives of their children. The group will be composed of 8 members, I will prefer females with young children’s no older than 5 years old and who are a recent victim or were a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence is not new in today’s society. We see this happen since our early childhood years and even before that. Everyday more and more females become victims of domestic violence and lots of them feel like they have no way out. Statistics shows that for every hour, as many as 115 children are abused. 90% of children from violent homes witness their fathers beating their mothers. Nationally, 75% of battered women say their children are physically or sexually abused, approximately 3 to 10 million children witness domestic violence occurrences in their homes each year, these children meet the clinical criteria to PTSD. Every 15 seconds a woman is beaten, raped, or killed. In my town where I live, Lawrence, I know a lot of females who are still dealing with the trauma caused by domestic violence and also the impact that has created in their children’s lives because they have witnessed it. I myself was also a victim of domestic violence and I have overcome the trauma, therefore I feel like I have great potential to empower and facilitate the members of this particular group. Objectives: The goal for the group is to empower and free these females from the present trauma they deal with today and see a brighter future tomorrow. I also want each member to set at least 4 different goals they wish to work on while they are in the group and we will dedicate most of our time to work towards reaching those goals during the working
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