Unit 672 Promote Nutrition And Hydration In Health And Social Care

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Unit 672 Promote nutrition and hydration in health and social care settings Hazel Marsh 1.1 There are main food groups which an individual must include in their diet in order for it to be balanced, they consist of; * Fruit and vegetables * Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and other starchy foods * Meat, fish, eggs, beans, and other non-dairy sources of protein * Milk and dairy foods * Food and drinks high in fat and/or…show more content…
The current national guideline shows an eat well plate which demonstrates what a healthy balanced diet should consist of (Image 1) this shows that a human should consume 33% fruit and vegetables, 33% bread, rice, potatoes pasta and other starchy foods, 15% milk and other dairy products, 12% meat, fish, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein and 7% foods and drinks that are high in fat or sugar. (Image 1) 2.2 Additional support and information relating to nutrition and hydration can be received from many forms. Other health care professionals such as nurses, dieticians, occupational therapist, doctors and speech therapists can help with information on the right guidance to nutrition and hydration. Also information can be received from the national government who run campaigns such as Change4Life and Be Food Smart can give lots of additional information on how to change eating habits and also on how to improve someone’s diet and

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