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DIET AND ENERGY ANALYSIS ACTIVITY I. Analysis of my dietary intake based on dietary recommendations. A. Source of Calories- Record your source of calories. This tells you what percentage of the calories you consumed came from each of the energy-yielding nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat) as well as the non-nutrient, alcohol. You will find this information on your profile page. 1.The US Dietary Goals are: Calories from protein: 12-20% Calories from carbohydrate: 45-65% Calories from total fat: 20-35% My Average intake was: Calories from protein: 12% Calories from carbohydrate: 39.8% Calories from total fat: 48.2% B. Discuss how your average daily intake of protein,…show more content…
Using the recommendations, discuss what realistic changes you would make to your present diet. I still need to lose weight. I get too much fat. D. What is your BMI? My BMI are 30.18. Classification Underweight: or =30.0 BMI 1. Are you maintaining a healthy weight? No, I am not. I am obesity. 2. Compare your average caloric intake with what was recommended by the DRI (Dietary Recommended Intake on your profile page). Discuss whether the difference will have an effect on maintaining a healthy weight. Yes, because I was intake of much fat. My weight will be high, but now I am already overweight. I need to get a new diet for lose weight. 3. List the six highest sources of calories after analyzing Food List’s “Nutrient Breakdown of Foods in Analysis” (from all foods listed on food list- use two foods per day). Record the calories for each food. 1) ice cream 2) cookies 3) cheeseburger 4) fried eggs 5) chicken salad 6) beef meat patties II. Evaluate your fat intake A. Complete the following table | |Grams |Goal % Column…show more content…
All other vitamins should be at least 80%. Address each vitamin under 80% of goal. Discuss the function for each vitamin and what foods you would find them in. |Vitamin A |Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, |Liver, eggs, dark green and orange | | |meaning that it requires fat for your |fruits and vegetables, dairy products | | |body to absorb it. Vitamin A is needed | | | |for the growth and repair of body | | | |tissues, bone and tooth formation, and | | | |necessary for night vision. | | |Vitamin B6 |B-6 plays an important role in |Egg yolks, organ meats, dark green | | |converting fats, proteins and |vegetables | | |carbohydrates into usable energy for |

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