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Diet Project: Written Report CALORIES: The Nutrition Calorie Report portrays and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a diet. This analysis is a representative of my usual caloric intake, where within the 3 days; I assessed my original daily caloric intakes, compared them to the results and observed the equivalence. This way my original daily caloric intakes were precise to the results and revealed my weaknesses and strengths. During the report it was a usual week for me; I ate regularly, except for the weekend where I took in less calories and was proximately close to my DRI goal. The results also confirm that my calorie intakes are 71% less than the DRI goal. Therefore, during the week I took in more calories and moved more; where…show more content…
Red meats, such as beef, lamb and liver have some of the highest concentrations of zinc in foods. These products would be best to improve my zinc-49% intake. However, I lack such meats in my diet. Instead the greatest sources of my zinc consumption come from candy bars, breads and Swiss cheese. With this in mind, I need to concentrate in eating more red meats. My magnesium intake is exactly 50% of the recommended amount but it is slower than the other minerals. Goods such as candy bars, breads and potatoes were the highest percentage of products I took in. However the rich sources of magnesium are Spices, nuts, cereals, coffee, cocoa, tea, and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach are also rich in magnesium. Yes, I did consume nuts and cocoa in the form of candy bars but that wasn’t enough. Instead of eating breads and potatoes, I need to provide myself with eating more vegetables, legumes and small amount of nuts (contains a lot of fat). This mineral is also very important in proper heart functioning, bone formation and the central nervous…show more content…
Beginning with observing my caloric intakes, I understood that I’m in the normal range-71% and that Sat fat was the area of my greatest percentage of the calorie consumption. Additionally, the amount of protein consumption was also the in medium range-50%. Furthermore, the results also confirm that most of my vitamins and minerals were close to the DRI goal. Such Vitamins as B6-79%, B12-78% and B2 were those vitamins included in my strengths. This also means that I can automatically protect myself from various chronic diseases. Unfortunately, my reports have also revealed some weaknesses. The low percentages in Vitamin E and Vitamin D also prove that I need to consume more diary products and oils such as sunflower and canola. According to the 2, 200 calorie pattern, I lack the consumption of grains, vegetables and dairy products. As we all know, these products provide us with the required nutrients for daily living. Furthermore, increasing mineral sources would prevent illnesses such as arthritis and osteoporosis. I’ve also learned that I’m in the normal range of iron consumption-62%, but I also need to be cautious with the fact of iron toxicity and deficiencies. Overall, this was an educating experience. I have understood and learned all the parts of the Daily Recommended Intakes and my intakes compared to the norms of nutrition. This

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