Unit 4222-672 Promote Nutrition And Nutrition

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Unit 4222-672 Promote nutrition and hydration in health and social acre setting Outcome 1 Understand what makes up a balanced diet 1) Define the main food groups • Fruit • Vegetables • Meat or pulses • Cereals • Dairy • Fats • Sugar 2) Identify the sources of essential nutrients • Carbohydrates can be found in foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole wheat products, potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta, bread etc • Proteins can be supplied through meats, poultry, fish, dairy products, pulses, Soya bean etc • Fats can be founding substances such as olive oil, nuts, lean meat and fish etc • Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and K) can be found in fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. •…show more content…
1) describe the factors that may promote healthy eating in different groups 2) describe factors that may create barriers to healthy eating for different groups 3) explain why individuals may have special dietary requirements 4) explain why it is important for individuals with special dietary requirements to follow special

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