Unit Ld 302 Support Person-Centred Thinking and Planning

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Unit LD 302 Support person-centred thinking and planning 1.1 - Explain what person-centred thinking is, and how it relates to person-centred reviews and person-centred planning. Person centred thinking is a set of values, skills and tools that can be used in person centred planning. It is the foundation in doing the plan to make it works. A person must have a set values or a thought that the centre of the plan is the owner of the plan and everything in it is for its benefits. 1.2 - Explain the benefits of using person-centred thinking with individuals. Person centred thinking is the foundation of the plan. If we have that, then we can start with the planning. Having that set of thinking gives the individual the confidence that their plan will be only for their benefits. They know that they will be included in the planning and all the decision and the contents of the plan is for their benefits. 1.3 - Explain the beliefs and values on which person-centred thinking and planning is based. The beliefs and values of the owner of the plan must be respected, be considered and must be prioritized. In the process of planning, the appointed person who is doing the plan must know and gather knowledge about what they like and what they don’t like. Their plan must be based on what they truly like, what they believe and the values they practices. 1.4 - Explain how the beliefs and values on which person-centred thinking is based differs from assessment and other approaches to planning. Some decisions may include decisions from professionals and specialists. Examples are their psychiatrist, doctor, social workers and others. Their views might not be needed to be considered but the decisions made by these professionals are for their best interest. 1.5 - Explain how person-centred thinking tools can form the basis of a person-centred plan. These

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