Person Centred Thinking

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Person centred thinking. Person centred thinking is a set of tools used as the foundation of person centred care. Person centred thinking was founded in America by Carl Rogers. The basis is to accept the person for who they are. A person of both positive and negative feelings and impulses. To be empathic and to understand the persons thoughts feelings and struggles from their own point of view and to adopt the persons frame of mind. Also to be congruent genuine real and authentic in the relationship. Not to be judgemental but be supportive to help the person rediscover themselves. In all to avoid diagnosis, treatment plans and other methods that reflect the medical models of mental illness. Person centred planning Person centred planning follows Carl Rogers principles in putting people first. It is a way of discovering what people want, the support they need and how they can get it. It is evidence based practice that assists people in leading an independent and inclusive life. It is a tool that enables a shift of power from professionals to the people who use the service. Person centred planning is a practical way for people to have choice and control in their lives. Person centred approach Person centred approach based on Carl Rogers work takes control away from the expertise of a therapist/carer towards a theory of that the individual can find fulfilment of their personal potentials. It can be difficult to put into practice because the approach does not use techniques but relies on the personal qualities of the person/carer to build a non judgemental and empathic

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