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UNIT CU1681 PC1.1 The legislation that has an impact on rights, choices and minimising the risk of harm for individuals with dementia are: * Human Rights Act 1998 * Mental Capacity Act 2005 * Mental Health Act 2007 * Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2005 * Disability Discrimination Act 1995 * Mental Health Act 2007 Together these acts form the rights and freedom of an individual. These affect the rights of an individual’s everyday life and say what they can and can’t do, beliefs and rights. PC1.2 The care home must have policies and procedures which include: * Mission statement * Health and safety * Person centred planning * Safeguarding * Complaints procedure * Moving and handling * Equality policy These relate to our practise as these have to be followed and are a structure of how we must work to ensure safe, current practise. PC1.3 Confidential information may be shared with an individual’s family/ advocate, when taking into account consent from the individual in cases of neglect, abuse, treatment etc or information that is shared in the individual’s best interest. I f the individual is incapable of giving consent then it should be the immediate family or next of kin. Any information shared should always be in the best interest of the individual. All information should be exchanged securely and access to it carefully controlled. PC2.3, 2.4 It is important not to assume that an individual who has dementia lacks capacity and can’t make decisions as their capacity can fluctuate and may be able to make a particular decision at a particular time and should be supported in doing so. They should be supported by any possible means including talking muscle movement such as squeezing of hands, nodding of head, sign language, picture cards etc. PC 3.2 Conflict of interest can be resolved

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