Unit Ct235 Essay

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Unit CT235 1.1 Duty of care is to ensure the welfare and safety of service users and staff at all times and if this is compromised in any way it must be reported and dealt with in the correct manner. 1.2 I work safely and within the guidelines of the law and procedures of the care environment. I work within the health and safety and manual handling. I keep up to date with any training and if any environment or equipment I feel is unsafe or unsuitable to use I report this to my manager. 2.1 A service user may want to change a part of their daily routine or refuse to do some thing or want to do something we see unsafe for that individual but they also have a human right and a choice to do what they want so I would want to fill out a risk assessment and weigh out the pros and cons and risks that could possibly happen, if a certain task was too dangerous for the service user then I would have to explain this and suggest a possible alternative. 2.2 I could go to other members of staff, trained nurse and also my manager to get advice and support on my decision and come up with other alternative ideas and balance out the risks to come up with a solution for the best interest of the individual. 3.1 I would listen carefully to whomever is making a complaint and write the key points of their concerns, listening to details and making them feel their concerns are important and to ensure them that everything will be done possible to correct anything. Id pass this information on to the trained nurse and my manager for them to speak to whomever has got the
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