Hsc 025 Essay

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HSC 025 1.1- How is a working relationship different from a personal relationship? A working relationship is different from a personal relationship because with a working relationship they aren’t your friends or family they are there for you to care for them and look after them and not to form a bond, and ensure you abide by your job description and rules and regulations 1.2- What are the different relationships in the health and social care setting give a brief explanation what each does? The relationships in a health and social care setting in my work place are: Parents- support the individual and guide them in their needs and preferences. Team members- support one and other and the individual you are looking after, reflect back information to help each other. Supervisors- supervise everybody and be there when needed Nurses- Be there when needed for clinical and to help e.g.: sign meds charts, support and lead team Managers-All of the above Physios/OT/Doctors/tech specialist etc. - Help out in their own individual sections to provide the range of care and needs to the individual. 2.1- Why is it important to stick to your agreed scope of your job role? There are many reasons but when signing contract you are signing for that specific job and it employs what you are expected to do. It also for legal requirements health and safety, employment, laws etc. to protect yourself and others. If you didn’t you may make it difficult for your team and things may be a lot different. 2.2- Where can you access full and up to date details of agreed ways of working? We have full access to a care plan, all risk assessments and need assessments also policies and procedures and staff handbook which are kept in cupboard when on shift and on memory card for personal use you can also contact principle and manager when needed. 2.3- How do you use your
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