Legislation, Health and Safety Diploma 5

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Legislation and Health and Safety we are governed by a range of legislation and policies to provide a safe and healthy working environment, all the legislation comes under the health and safety at work act 1974. This covers duties for the employer, managers and employees, The employer has the duty to provided information,the supervision and training on health and safety within the working environment. Have clear health and safety policies in place, and ensure the area is safe for all employees including providing any equipment required and maintaining to ensure the is not a risk to the employees As a Manager I am required to maintain a safe working environment, provide inductions for new staff, which must include health and safety procedures and how to identify potential hazards. I am to also ensure that all staff stick to the policies and procedures in place. The employee must follow all health and safety policies, follow the instructions provided with any equipment and ensure the cleaning products are used in the correct manner. they must also ensure they wear the protective equipment provided. Lifting operating and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER)1998, this aims to reduce the risk to people's health and safety from lifting equipment used at work, employers have a duty to ensure that equipment is examined and inspected regularly by the appropriate staff to maintain safety, this is recorded and any defects reported. In relation to RIDDOR, an accident is a separate, identifiable, unintended incident, which causes physical injury. This specifically includes acts of non-consensual violence to people at work. For most types of incident, including,accidents resulting in the death of any person, accidents resulting in specified injuries to workers, non-fatal accidents requiring hospital treatment to non-workers and dangerous occurrences work related
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