Health And Social Care Provision

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During this assignment, I will be producing and information booklet for new social work assistants that identify the processes and assessment tools that would be involved when planning support for individuals with different needs. I will be including a diagram of the cycle of assessment and planning, stating how and when they would be used in each case. In the process of a service planning support for a user they have to take into account the care of that service user that is required. To do this there is a ‘care planning cycle’ which is broken down into 10 processes, these are: Referral, Holistic assessment, Identifying current provision, Care planning, Recording, Communicating, Implementation, Monitoring, Reviewing and Evaluating. Care…show more content…
Holistic means covering all needs and requirements as whole to ensure the service provider is covering all of the services user’s needs, which will include using assessment tools. Identifying Current Provision This is where whoever is in charge of the care plan is making sure that specific care plan is correct for service providers so that they are able to ensure the right health and social care for service users. For example, identifying whether Bob would need social workers going to his home to support his care outside the hospital and ensuring health and social workers are involved with this so that service provider is to have more of an understanding of the needs and requirements for Bob as his current support and ensuring these are met. Care planning Care planning is the overall organisation to ensure the right kind of care is prepared and given. The care plan will include targets and goals set by the user, organisation manage and service providers and other professionals. For example, they could give Bob targets such as making his own meals or joining a new social class to help him learn to manage on his…show more content…
This ensures that the care plan is working and it will help identify anything that needs changing or any problems. It also shows on what needs improving. For example, Bob may have missed his social worker visits due to being inappropriate timing, whilst being monitored this will show a record of missed visits which means the care plan will have to be improved and changed so that Bob gets the care required at a right time for him. This will need to be reviewed to see whether the change has improved the care plan. Reviewing Reviews are very important as it enables any alterations to the care plan, this allows new target and goals to be set so that it allows the service user to discuss any problems and make any changes along with the service providers to ensure the care plan is better for Bob. Reviews also promotes good communication with whoever is involved in the care plan. Evaluating This is where the organisers of that care plan and the service user goes through the care plan and has a discussion on whether the care plan has benefitted them or had any disadvantages. Overall it’s to make any changes so that the care plan is successful for the service user. It gives the service user the opportunity to discuss their experiences and relations to whether they need to make any alterations to their care

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