Unit 9 Outdoor Adventures Essay

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Planning an expedition Unit 9 Aims and Objectives: Prepare for an expedition completing a variety of practical activities equipment lists, route card, menu and weather forecast. Links Outcome 2 Criteria (P2, M2) Personal equipment Rucksack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, base layers, warmth layers, hat & gloves, waterproof protection, footwear, torch, map & compass, first aid kit, emergency food, flask/drink. Group equipment Stove, rope, tent, group food Identifying major cost areas (food, transport, fuel, camping fees) Health and safety Medical forms, notification forms, contact details. Route plan, chain of command, expected return time and date, insurance, risk assessment, first aid, weather forecasts. Student Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:_______________________________ Task: 1 Complete all the following tables: personal equipment, group equipment, health & safety considerations, detailed expedition menu (two days). You may use computers/ trail magazine/ public service text books to research equipment required for expedition. Task: 2 Construct tent and camping stove in team of 4 (area POD or break out area) Task: 3 Print of an up to date weather forecast – Mountain forecast – See college intranet home page. Task: 4 Pack a ruck sack in the correct order (tutor to give guidance and students practice this) Work in team of 4. Task: 5 Complete route card for 10 km circular starting & finishing at Grid Reference (GR 571 597) Cae’r-fran (Bunk House) Route card should be detailed and consist of the following: Grid References, distances, time taken, nature of terrain, escape bad weather route. Use maps in LC area and memory map on computers. You will find a template of a route card that you can use in unit 35 work book Map & Navigation. (You can use previous route card

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