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ADMN 233 Assignment 3 Template Assignment 3 Instructions Assignment 3 is worth 20% of your final mark. It should be completed and submitted after you finish Chapter 11 in your textbook. This assignment is divided into four parts, corresponding to the topics in Unit 3 (Chapters 8 to 11) of your textbook. In this assignment, you will apply the 3-x-3 writing process to write e-mails, memos, and letters to inform or persuade your readers. Part 1: Routine E-Mail Messages and Memos (25 marks) Part 2: Routine Letters and Goodwill Messages (25 marks) Part 3: Persuasive and Sales Messages (25 marks) Part 4: Negative Messages (25 marks) The writing tasks you will complete in this assignment are based on real-world scenarios that describe…show more content…
Some employees think they are poorly reviewed and denied the opportunity to advance. One area where we have been especially weak is in discussing employees’ performance in face to face meetings between management and employees. The annual review process also creates tension because it is linked to salary bonuses. I would like to call a meeting of the cooperative’s council to discuss how the cooperative could benefit from better job assessment procedures. Please respond by December 7 so that I can make the appropriate arrangements to schedule the meeting following the management meeting in two weeks. Activity B – Routine e-mail Question/Task 15 marks 2. Write an e-mail to all Borealis College students, staff, and faculty regarding the new procedures. Warn all Web authors whose Internet sites are presently affected by this measure that you will review all personal Web sites to assess new College criteria for online content. Inform future Web site writers that they must submit a proposal to you, the College Webmaster, for approval. This proposal must outline the Web site’s purpose, describe its content, and include information about its potential…show more content…
-Reducing Resistance; Instead of discouraging Alan by saying, “We normally invite speakers who live closer to Saskatoon,” he can explain why the group would benefit from hearing him speak, “Our relaxed group doesn’t expect a formal address; they mostly would like to swap stories, and identify practices they can use to improve their pumpkin growing. -Motivating Action/Closing; the current closing statement hurts the letter and should be completely restructured. Remove, “Please let me know ASAP so we can make plans for a fun time,” and replace it with a statement that motivates action. For example, “Can we count on you to join as at the Saskatoon Horticultural Club at 7 p.m. on October 20th? Just call me at (123)456-7890 before October 8th to make arrangements.” Using a statement like this motivates action and closes the request

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