Nt1310 Unit 7 Lab 1

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NT1310 Unit 7 Lab 1: Building a New Structure – Safety Plan Mark Hernandez ITT Technical Institute – San Bernardino Thursday, 6:00 pm Building a New Structure – Safety Plan When forming a safety plan for a construction project there are several aspects of the job to consider, the scope of the work to be done, the personnel that will be on the job site, standard operating procedures that should be followed, and what safety equipment will be required. The first thing that needs to be established before developing your plan is a description of the project and key dates of the project. Key personnel should be identified, such as the client, designers, sub-contractors, etc. You should also determine where the safety plan will be located and how to insure access to it by any and all personnel. The next step is to identify risks that will need to be managed during course of the job. You also have to assign responsibilities for health and safety concerns. These individuals will be responsible for communication between the different parties, and consulting with the workforce. They will also handle design changes and assist in selecting sub-contractors. Other responsibilities included site security, onsite training, health facility arrangements, site rules, and fire and evacuation plans. Part of your plan should include personal protective equipment, or PPE. You should determine what PPE is necessary for the jobs to be performed. Are hard hats necessary, and if so, in what areas? Is eye protection needed? What about hearing protection? Clear guidelines should be set as to what equipment is required, by whom, and in what areas. There are a number of health and safety regulations that will need to be followed. A short list would include the following: * 1926 Subpart C - General Safety and Health Provisions * 1926 Subpart D - Occupational

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