Mgmt1000 Unit 6 Assignment

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MGMT1000 INDRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS SEMESTER 1, 2009 – 2010 TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT This assignment looks in the dealings of X Company Ltd, a striving company in the Tourism Industry located in 434 Dwellings, La Pansee Corner Castries. The company has recently implemented some very important “greening” initiatives and wants you a newly promoted Assistant Operations Manager to process some company data and prepare a presentation to the new Board of Directors using Microsoft Office. Follow the components below to attain a greater understanding of the full requirements. Your telephone number and email address is (758) 246-8102 and The assignment consists of three (3) gradable components using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint…show more content…
Using the auto format feature format range A3:D12. Note that values are formatted with the thousands separator but with no “$” signs and decimal places.[1] d. Create a 3-D clustered column chart with the relevant labels, titles and legends while changing the default colors as shown below in Figure 1. The chart is to be inserted in the same worksheet. Hint change the font size on the text areas on the chart to assist in resizing the chart. [15] [pic] Figure 1: Pictorial view of chart requirements e. Using the “Statement of Income” worksheet, center the financial statement titles across the data below and bold the company name. [2] f. Insert a column between columns D and E. Resize this new column to width 1.50 and apply a green fill with a border around range E1:E19. [4] g. Insert a row above row 5 and resize to 6.75 [2] h. Complete the formulas in cells provided for revenues* for 2008. 2008 revenues have increased by ½ % over 2007 values. [10] i. Using the correct function or formula calculate the total revenue and gains in the cells provided.…show more content…
Using all relevant cells calculate the income tax expenses for each year. [10] m. Using the correct function or formula calculate the net income. [2] n. Format the comparative income statement use dollars signs where necessary. All values are to have the thousand separator format with no decimal places. [4] o. Using the “Aggregates” worksheet, complete all formulas (hint: must use IS worksheet). [3] p. Save your MS Excel workbook as studentid_s109xl.xls for submission. 2. Using the article entitled “10 Key Elements of a 'Green IT' Strategy” written by Simon Mingay found in file 10_key_elements_green_ITstrategy.pdf summarize and create a powerpoint presentation of all key elements outlined to be presented by the directors and board members of X Company Ltd. In doing so, use the following to complete your presentation. Please note that you are free to be creative and not be limited to this: [60 Marks] a. The presentation should be relevant, well organized, summarized and clear. [20] b. Use at least fourteen (14) slides. [2] c. Use at least six (6) different slide layouts.

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