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CCompany Financial Analysis In doing the company financials a couple of key things become apparent. One of the biggest factors in the financials is the consistency in Costco’s growth over the past four years. The four profit margins (Total Revenues, operating income, net profit margin, and Diluted net income per share) have for the most part been rising for the last four years. Costco may look like it’s not growing but having these constant margins along with the growth in revenues means that the profit (bottom line) for Costco is increasing. Costco is doing great job in making sure that revenues constantly grow as shown below while maintaining a proportional amount of expenses to keep the profits the same or a little high from the previous year. Keeping these numbers high during a recessionary period is a very impressive feat by the management of Costco. One number to point out is that 2009 was a down year for Costco, all of the above ratios were lower than in 2008, but they bounced back in 2010 and in 2011. The 2009 year is merely an Outlier in Costco’s financial analysis because of the recession which was at a high in 2009. As the economy bounced back, so did Costco and its bottom line. The charts below show Costco’s consistent increase in all ratios and revenues over the past four years. Selected Income Statement Data(In Millions) | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | Total Revenue | 88,915 | 77,946 | 71,422 | 72,483 | Operating Income | 2,439 | 2,077 | 1,777 | 1,969 | Net Income | 1,462 | 1,303 | 1,086 | 1,283 | Diluted Net Income per Share | 3.30 | 2.92 | 2.47 | 2.89 | First thing I want to point out is the Diluted EPS (Net income per share), as you can see, the Diluted EPS follows suit of the other 3 ratios. I included Diluted EPS because it is a better indication than EPS because it shows what their EPS would be if all employee’s turned in their stock

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