Unit 8 Psychological Perspectives For Health And Social Care Essay

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Unit 8- Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care 1.1 The staff that looks after Sam in the rehabilitation centre could use different strategies to keep his behaviour controlled. B.F Skinner has 3 operant conditioning theories that can be applied to help the supervisors control Sam. They could reward him, as a positive consequence, punish him as a negative consequence or even use the last one, negative reinforcement, removing a negative experience as a consequence. Sam misbehaves as he struggles with physical therapy. He can get frustrated and also sometimes violent, in this case a punishment such as isolating him, will give him time to reflect on his actions and what he has done. The punishment will help him to learn that it’s unacceptable to behave in this way, and eventually he will realise that the sooner he calms down the quicker he would be allowed out of isolation. He could…show more content…
He believed that we all reach a crisis within each of the life stages. Erikson may have believed that Maria is coming to the end of the Young Adulthood stage in life, a stage which he considered ‘Relationships’ to be the important event in this stage. Maria is a single parent, and Erikson may see this as failure in relationships, which results in isolation and loneliness. Maria is affected by work and home life, causing her behaviour towards colleagues and her children to be sharp and snappy most of the time. This is because she is mentally and physically exhausted and drained where she never gives herself a break. In Erikson’s Psychosocial Development stages of Early Childhood (2 to 3 years) failure to develop a sense of personal control over psychical skills, personal control and sense of independence leads to shame and doubt. Maria may have failed in these early stages of life and now is where the dreams of being naked and ashamed are taunting

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