Dsm-Iv Evaluation Essay

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DSM-IV Evaluation Case Study 1-DSM-IV: Schizoid Personality Disorder People experiencing Schizoid Personality Disorder are indifferent in his or her social relationships. He or she prefers to be mostly alone and feels discomfort in close relationships including their own family. Many of them are loners throughout his or her life, mostly by free will and show little emotion, which makes him or her seem cold and detached. The possible causes, according to psychodynamic theorists, rely on the person’s childhood. His or her childhood was most likely difficult or even abusive and lacked love from their parents. This experience is mostly responsible that a person with Schizoid Personality Disorder is unable to love, or accept love from anyone. Cognitive theorists believe that it is more the way a person thinks, that his or her thoughts are empty and they are unable to gather other people’s emotions. The treatment for people with Schizoid Personality Disorder is rather difficult as he or she wants to avoid any social contact, making group therapy almost impossible. Still, sometimes when the person feels safe he or she might agree to attend one. Cognitive therapists are, at times, able to make the person with Schizoid Personality Disorder develop thoughts that are more positive and interact more with others. Behavioral therapists try to teach better social skills by using techniques such as role-playing. In addition, drug therapy seems to provide limited outcomes, making it not the first choice of treatment (Comer, 2005). Case Study 2-DSM-IV: Narcissistic Personality Disorder People, experiencing Narcissistic Personality Disorder, have a thirst for being admired in everything and completely lack empathy for others. He or she thinks that they are better than anyone else making himself or herself appear to be larger than life.
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